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CV Secrets offers you:

  • Career Coaching
  • CV Writing and Review
  • Interview preparation
  • Salary negotiation 

Discover how career coaching with CV Secrets will help you secure the job of your dreams!

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Get that step up the career ladder you have been waiting for.

Embark on a career search that is by design, with intent, purpose and get’s you results.

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Why you need CV Secrets

Are you feeling stuck, lacking confidence or direction in your job search? Know that you are being underpaid but don’t know how to get more? Ready for more responsibility and challenge but don’t think employers will look at you without proven experience? Not getting interviews or call backs and don’t know why?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Career Coaching with CV Secrets will help you:

  • Find clarity on your goals and ambitions so that you can be in the steering wheel of your own career.
  • Understand your worth and know how to negotiate your salary or pay rise with results. 
  • Take actionable steps to make your job search efficient and purposeful.
  • Get the essential tools in place to make you as employable desirable as possible!

Career Coaching with CV secrets will give you both the critical tools to achieve your career goals and also the self worth and self belief that you deserve the career and salary of your dreams.

CV Secrets will help you get the career of your dreams. Here is how:

Together we will address your career in various ways, depending on your needs. Career Coaching with CV Secrets will give you:

 – Tactical Support: Practical elements such as writing your CV, preparing for specific interview styles and knowing how to confidently articulate your worth and salary expectations. Support can also include LinkedIn optimisation, job search review and planning. Ideal if you are looking for one specific outcome or have it mostly figured out and want to get results, fast. 

 Deep Dive: This package is ideal for you if you want to leave your current situation but don’t know where you are going next. Maybe you know what you want, but can’t seem to get there. This service goes deeper to explore your true ambitions, what limiting beliefs are holding you back and to realign your search with purpose and clear, actionable steps.

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Hi! I'm Pamella, your career coach...

I can’t wait to support you in your search for the dream job.

Think of me as your CV guru, interview prep partner and salary negotiation expert. Oh, and expect to be held accountable…

You will work on actionable steps and toolkits I provide to help you get the career of your dreams faster. This, mixed with 1:1 coaching to help you figure out what you want and how to get there. 

So if you have made it this far I’d say you are pretty keen to make some moves on your career and get the ball rolling! 

Get started on with my 5 Step Job Search to Success today!