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Where you are now:


Do you wake up with dread in the morning, and regularly question what you are doing here?

It even comes up in conversations with friends and family, you hate your job and everyone knows it. You're sitting in your home office right now, imagining the day you get to resign and how satisfying that will feel, wondering how on earth you will get out of your job before the year ends. Even if this career was what you once wanted, it doesn't light you up anymore, every day feels like groundhog day. Maybe you're holding out for a bonus or promotions but if it wasn't for this, there really isn't much inspiration in what you do anymore.


Do you regularly feel like your career just happened to you?

So far your career has been happening to you and you want to make it happen for you. Somehow your grad job turned into your career so far, and a few promotions and progressions in you’re not sure if this is what you want to do forever. You don't want to cruise through your life and career with regrets but the last decade has literally flown past. It’s surreal to think we have spent the last year in a lockdown and somehow that’s another year lost. You know you are capable of extraordinary but it seems so far away right now, is change even possible?


Is there a voice in your head holding you back from exploring something new and maybe even starting again?

With so much uncertainty, it feels scary and bold to make a significant change in your life and career right now. Deep down the change seems scary, you know your family and friends want the best for you but you're worried what they will think if you take action now. Their doubts and insecurities are actually holding you back and keeping you stagnated in your career, even when you know, deep down, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


Do you imagine a career and life that makes you feel proud, energised, inspired and fulfilled, but don't know where to begin with figuring it out?

You daydream about resigning and throwing caution to the wind but in reality you would love a plan and to feel like you can find or create an incredible career. You know there is more, that you have an ocean of depth inside of you and you feel like everything you have experienced and gained so far must be for something but you don’t know how to harness it into something more meaningful. 

You’ve already tried:

So far you have had a browse on LinkedIn and maybe even sent a quick apply to a job opportunity or two. Even then, nothing stands out to you and all the opportunities look the same. There is little motivation to actually start the job search and it feels underwhelming.

Speaking to friends and family about your career, of course they support you and encourage you to go find ‘what makes you happy’ but they don’t really know what to change and you don’t want to call your uncle who runs that business to get his advice. Their support means well but isn’t always what you need and if anything it makes you feel more lost and alone.

Reading the odd self help book and stalking the hell out of your favourite Instagram queens who are living their best life. You love the insights and inspiration, but there hasn’t been any changes or progress that you need in your life because it still feels the same and nothing is actually changing.

Therapy just didn’t work. You talked and talked and resolved some of what happened, but now you are ready to move forward to your goals and therapy doesn’t quite help with that, nor are you any clearer on what your goals really are.

Making promises to yourself that you just aren’t keeping. You know you want to progress in your career and find something that lights you up, but in reality you're too exhausted, burnt-out and drained after the work day to find the time.

You are ready to:


To get crystal clear on your career goals and life purpose.

Whether it's a brand new career path, career pivot or setting up a side hustle, you are ready to embrace a more authentic you doing something you love. You are ready to begin a deep exploration of what you truly value, what you really want from this life and how you can create or find a career that feels like YOU. 


 To be in control of your inner critic so that you can live a free and meaningful life.

You understand the importance of mindset and beliefs, and now you are ready to get real about understanding what makes you you. You are ready to release your fears, doubts, insecurities and excuses and transform your mindset to become more powerful, resilient and positive. When you are confident about who you are, what you want and you know how to honour yourself, the people around you support you too.  


Define a clear action plan.

By getting clear on what you want, and how you want to feel in your life, you will define success on your terms. Together, you will identify career options and actually get clear on what feels most aligned and exciting to you. Then with goal setting for the long term, financial planning and action that feels inspired, you will have a clear roadmap to execute what you have set out to achieve.


Redefine your personal brand.

Show up and step up to your higher self. You are ready to redefine what success means to you. It's not about just looking and acting the part or doing what others expect of you, it is truly embodying the woman who believes she can and does accomplish her dreams.


Be held accountable

If athletes have a coach to make them Olympians, you realise getting a coach can help you find a career you love and keep you the right track to get there. You are ready to make serious change and you are excited to have someone help you get there.

"Pamella is an AMAZING coach!

I am continuously surprised at just how powerful our sessions have been, and am so extremely grateful to have found her as my coach.

The transformation I have felt these last few months - in both my career and in life - is truly indescribable.

Not only have I grown and achieved so much, but there's also this deep sense of calm balanced beautifully with feelings of inspiration and joy. Pamella has this amazing ability to make you feel so connected and taken care of with her warm, calm & professional vibes.

I SO look forward to our sessions every week & can't imagine my life without them now! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their true path on a deep level - both in career and in life." 



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A transformational coaching experience.

Get ready to be empowered to step into your higher self and design a career path that you love.


Stage 1 - Get crystal clear on your career or life goals

Find clarity on who you are, what you want and the career paths available to you. Through powerful questioning and exercises, you are given the space to allow your true desires to come to the surface. Without clarity and purpose you cannot see where you are going or how to get there, this is why having a crystal clear vision of your career and life goals is always the first step. 


Stage 2 - Release your Inner Critic

Now we know what you want, we work on identifying what is holding you back this may include fears such as not being good enough, comparisonitis, perfectionism, overwhelm, asking for help, fear of failure or even fear of success. By bringing your inner critic into the light we assess how your limiting beliefs are serving you, over a series of weeks I help you identify where they show up for you and release them. You will also understand and redefine your money mindset, your career values and beliefs and redefine your true meaning of success. These tools will serve you in all areas of life and set you up for success in the long term. 


Stage 3 - Take Massive Action

With commitment and focus, we create a strategy for you to continue on and take inspired action and to step into your higher self. With your new found self belief that you are capable and worthy, ensuring you are set up for success, no matter how you define true success to be. This could include redefining your personal career story, and personal brand, reviewing your CV and putting yourself out there to embrace new opportunities. You will also learn how to embrace your new identity and communicate this to your loved ones as well as identify key next steps towards achieving your goals so that you have a clear plan of action beyond completion of the programme.


Total Investment : £1411

Show me the breakdown of what's included!


 6 Transformational 1:1 Coaching Calls 

Each session is entirely personalised based on what comes up for you and your journey. No matter how 'stuck' or how lost you may be feeling right now through powerful coaching we will identify your true desires and step towards a path that feels truly aligned. 


Lifetime access to the online NEW : Career Change Accelerator course. 

Following the 3 stages of the Career Change Programme you will be guided through videos, audios or workbooks on how to rediscover yourself and identify your aligned career path. You will have lifetime access to this course so you can come back and use the material time and time again.  

Call recordings of each coaching session

Hearing back your own words and your own story is a powerful reflection tool to help you reinforce your learnings and reflect on your transformation.

Email and whatsapp support

We stay connected Mon-Fri 9-5pm during our time together so that you have support and coaching from me through out your transformation journey.

What changed for you as a result of the career coaching we did together?

"I started my own business and have a clear goal for my future I understand what drives me, what I do, and don’t need to think about and what holds me back. I learnt about my toxic thought patterns and how important a routine is to give every day purpose for building towards my future happiness."

What did you enjoy the most or the least about the coaching experience?

The freedom to direct my thought pattern and channel the session in my own way each time I think you could tell how difficult I was finding every tasks and there was zero pressure just a complete open thought bubble to share and pick how we proceeded which enabled me to understand my thoughts and feelings and get some sort of direction! The best feeling in a really insecure and unstable headspace! Thank you!



Are you ready?

If you made it this far then I'm guessing you're interested. I know investing in yourself can feel scary, I felt the same way the first time too. Remember this initial call is free and we can discuss any questions or concerns you have. So what are you waiting for?

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"I went into my coaching journey optimistic, yet not 100% confident that I was going to discover career clarity. Pamella exceeded my expectations as a coach. She would ask me questions that I've never asked myself before, which was quite refreshing.

Ultimately I discovered my purpose and mission in life and I'm so grateful for her."



Hi, I am Pamella, certified holistic career and mindset coach.

I created the course because it is what I needed, and didn't have throughout my career. Prior to becoming a business owner and full time coach, I also made a significant career change. Now, working with clients just like you, I have found they experience the same challenges which come up time and time again. The same feeling of unrest, unfulfillment and burn-out which is caused by not being in a career that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning!

I realised that women need a practical strategy to make an empowered career change, figure out what kind of life and career they really want to create, as well as the mindset to actually make it happen. So that's what I have created, so you don't have to take 3 years to figure it out like I did. You can have it all, and now. 

In terms of my background, I have over 10 years experience working in HR, Recruitment and Sales. Over my career I have worked with some of the best household names and global conglomerates including industries such as law and accountancy firms, real estate, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, media and finance up to C-suite level. My extensive background in HR and recruitment, and all of the people I have actively placed into roles accumulated to my interest in career coaching. However, alongside my professional experience for as long as I can remember I have been on an incredible spiritual journey of self development and growth, and so a large element of my coaching brings this into it too. I believe your career is never just your career, it is part of creating a life that you love and is on your terms. I truly believe we all deserve a career we love, and yes, that includes you. 

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