Do you shrink or shine when someone asks you 'so what do you do?'?

Do you shrink or shine when someone asks you 'so what do you do?'?

This weekend I was at a wedding with more people than I have seen IRL since March last year.

Sat around an open fire in a disused quarry in the middle of Dorset I was talking to old friends catching up on life and I got the age-old question; "So what are you up to these days?"

I can honestly say it was the first time in my life that I have felt beyond proud to talk about my career;

It feels purposeful, challenging, exciting, creative and I have a career that works for me as much as I work for it.

I don't say this to brag.

I know this goes against the grain. I know we were raised to endure our career and pay the bills. Just survive the week and live for the weekend. But I don't agree with that. In truth I never have and never will.

I promise this doesn't mean it's always easy. I still get plenty nervous and regularly question if I'm doing the right thing or if I'm good enough to command this space. But then I remember, if not me then who?

I invite you to remember that too. 

Anytime you realise you are unhappy, frustrated, or stressed at work, notice this polarity is feedback that you are meant for something greater. 

You wouldn't have it in you to want something more if you weren't capable of it... I promise. 

You see when it comes down to it, I truly believe we ALL deserve to love what we do. 

So here are my questions to you. 

  • Do you love what you do?
  • Do you feel pride and purpose when you speak about your career?
  • Do you feel like your work makes a difference and has a mission?

If not then perhaps it’s time to start thinking about what would really light you up. This is not about what you think to be realistic, practical, or easy. Not yet, not ever, because if you focus on this you will always notice the obstacles and let them get in your way. 

This is about making bold, exciting, scary, messy steps in your career and life and doing it because it lights you the F up. It’s about going for it even when it makes sense to no one else but you. This is about taking radical responsibility for your life and realising that no one can give you permission to do this except you. 

So how do you achieve this?

 1. Get crystal clear on who you are and what you want.. 

2. Face your shadows, the beliefs that say you can't, that say who am I to do this, the fear of judgement from your loved ones and friends, and the fear of making the wrong decision or messing up somehow. 

3. Take inspired, calculated, risk-averse action. Leverage the people and resources around you. Back yourself! Most of all, stay relentlessly focussed on your goals. 

4. Revert back to step 1, and keep going. 

You get one precious life. Go live it. 


Photo by Mihály Köles on Unsplash

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