3 Essential Career Questions

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How often do you take stock of your career and assess if you are fulfilled and on the right path?


We’re all guilty of enduring situations that we don’t like or enjoy. What if I told you that you don’t have to endure anything, especially your career. 


It can and should be something that is fulfilling and purposeful. 


Ask yourself 3 essential career questions to assess if your career is on the right track;


Are you completely fulfilled in your career?


This is a simple question. But let’s break it down. What does a fulfilling career look for you? Does your career match that? In what ways is it matching or lacking? 


Remember, you don’t have to wait to hit rock bottom or burn out to put yourself first and acknowledge what you want to work on and develop in your career.


You don’t have to wait until restructure, redundancy, or someone else getting promoted before you make a change. If you are less than completely fulfilled in your career you owe it to yourself to do something about it.  


How badly do you desire a career that lights you the F* up?


A career you love isn’t a nice to have. Have the right to unapologetically expect that every aspect of your life is amazing. This requires you to take radical responsibility for your career. Too frequently do I hear we can’t have it all, it’s just a job, and as long as it pays the bills. Your career can and should be so much more than that. Having it all doesn’t mean disregard for other people or being selfish. It means believing that you deserve fulfillment and working towards that. 


To acknowledge that along with all of the uncertainty, unknown, doubt brings growth, learning, opportunities and ultimately a career that lights you the F up.


Do you believe this is possible for you?


Is an incredible career something for successful people? What do you do define as success? Do you believe this is something you can create? If so, what’s stopping you? 


I see so many of my clients create road blocks to the path of success before they are even at that juncture. It’s like not taking a road trip because you’re afraid of the possibility of hitting traffic 5 hours in.

1. Identify where you want to go (get clarity on what you want)

2. Identify your path (create a plan of action)

3. Start the journey (take massive action), then deal with setbacks, roadblocks, a burst tire, or traffic on the way (trust that any rejection is redirection)

4. In that order and enjoy the journey (heck you might find something EVEN BETTER on the way).

In that order. This is the step by step process my career change programme takes you through. 

Use these 3 essential career questions as journaling prompts to explore your relationship with your career.

Sometimes, we can be so wrapped up in our situations we don't see the wood from the trees. I remember this too clearly when I was in it, and I have seen it with my clients.

Giving yourself permission to take a moment to step out of it, allows you to see it from above and assess if you are on the right path. 


Remember, never judge, the first step to any change is awareness about what your current situation is.


To work with me to make an empowered career change then click here to schedule your free chemistry call. 

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