Are you prepared to say NO to opportunities that won't serve you?

Are you prepared to say NO to opportunities that won't serve you?

Are you prepared to say NO to opportunities that won't serve you?

Yes, I mean straight up, walking away, declining the offer, withdrawing from an interview process, telling a recruiter that the role does not meet your needs and backing your decision.

This does mean being rude, arrogant or disrespectful. 

Yes it can feel like you are letting someone down. 

Trust me, you are actually doing everyone a favour. 

Over the last few weeks the increase in interviews is apparent both with my clients and from what I am seeing on the market.

This means that whilst there may be multiple opportunities you can only take ONE path. 

That path isn't always the first one that comes your way....

Which also means walking away from opportunities on occasion. #awks

But you gotta do what you gotta do, because when you know exactly what you want, and you know how to listen to your intuition then you can also very quickly recognise what feels good for you. 

This is what it takes:

πŸ’₯ knowing how to negotiate

πŸ’₯ having an abundance mindset

πŸ’₯ being confident in who you are

πŸ’₯ being proactive with your job search

πŸ’₯ knowing what good looks like when you see it

πŸ’₯ exploring opportunities even when you're not looking

πŸ’₯ having discernment on the things you are willing to negotiate on

πŸ’₯ not being so risk-adverse you reject an exciting or unconventional opportunity

πŸ’₯ investing in a professional if you need objective support in empowered decision making

πŸ’₯ having your non negotiables, deal makers and deal breakers clarified BEFORE you interview


This also means that you don't:


❌ rely on the advise of friends and family who are not in your career situation

❌ wait to do something about your job until you're desperate

❌ blindly accepting the first thing that comes your way

❌ accept something knowing it doesn't meet your needs

❌ doing something because you feel you should

❌ ignoring your intuition or warning signs

❌ make decisions out of fear and scarcity


Just because an opportunity comes your way it doesn't mean you HAVE to take it. Sometimes, it's just a sign to affirm that you are ready to move on, get some great practice and remind you of how damn AWESOME you are.

You always have the power to walk away from what doesn't serve you….

(psst - this applies to ANY area of your life)

Exercise that power and trust yourself.

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