Feeling tired? 5 hacks to stay productive

Feeling tired? 5 hacks to stay productive

Feeling tired? 5 hacks to stay productive.

See, regardless of whether you work for an 8-6 (let's face it, no one actually just works 9-5 these days) or if you run your own biz, some days we simply wake up exhausted.

Here are 5 hacks to help you get through it and still smash your day.

1. Grace

Give yourself some grace, today is not the day to go above and beyond. Some days it's okay to just get through it and be happy you showed up. Rest where you can, but most of all, don't be hard on yourself. 

2. Systems

Success is defined by systems. Stick to your systems, routine, structure as much as possible. On a super basic level, there is a reason successful people wear the same outfit every day. It reduces unnecessary decision fatigue and allows you precious headspace to focus on what matters.

3. Prioritise

Review your to do list and focus on urgent tasks only. Important but not urgent can potentially wait. Anything not urgent or important? Delegate or ditch - don't get busy being busy, especially when you're tired. A difficult meeting that isn't time sensitive? Push it. A meeting that could be an email? Then email and get it done. They say lazy people are in some ways more productive because they find the easiest way to do something - I'm not saying get lazy, but when you're tired there is power in finding efficiencies that you possibly missed before.

4. Fuel

A Ferrari doesn't get far without the right fuel. In fact, try putting diesel in a petrol car and you will soon stall. Eat well, eat healthy, eat to energise. Watch how much coffee you consume as it will reduce your likelihood of getting a great night's sleep. Fuel your body, even if she feels likes a tired Fiesta. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are in fact a Ferrari, so treat yourself like one.

5. Don't make big decisions

Big decisions are for days when you have the energy to make empowered decisions that are soul aligned. We are more susceptible to negative thoughts, overthinking or irrational decisions when we are tired. Today is not that day.

You've got this.

Tired can still be productive...

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