How to achieve peace and calm at work

How to achieve peace and calm at work


Picture this - you are at work your boss is in a bad mood, the workload is piling up, you are over worked, under staffed, over budget and out of time. 

You feel stressed, overwhelmed and after another rough night of sleep watching too much netflix and waking up in the night thinking about work, you are frustrated you didn't work out this morning because you are just too tired. 

You are sick of hearing the teams icon ping and if you have to turn on your video to another zoom you might actually cry, or kill the postman.

When we feel this way it is because we have got into a few bad habits and the cycle has become familiar and predictable but oh so tiring. The thing is, nothing changes until something changes. Whilst looking for a new job may be tempting, what if you stat a new role and find yourself in the same cycle within 6 months?


So you resolve to a morning routine and starting up meditation again, and you commit to switching off your sound on the phone by at least 7pm tonight.  Then you think about all the the spiritual practices of meditations, bubble baths, affirmations and thinking happy thoughts. But none of this really works because when you’re at work and you don't have the quiet safety of your bedroom, bath or yoga mat to turn to. How are you meant to stay in control in the middle of the work day, meeting, or about to see a client and the stress creeps up on you?



The reason I created Surviving to Thriving is because I have worked in corporate and I know first-hand how challenging it is to maintain a state of peace, confidence and calm in a high-stress environment. 


I wanted to create a program the bridges the gap between spirituality and corporate so that you can find your inner calm in the middle of a work storm. 


You deserve to create a career and life you love, and sometimes, changing job doesn’t last because you still take you with you


So how do you achieve this?



  • Self awareness

The power of learning that you are not your thoughts. When you start to become hyper-aware you can begin to sieve through the thoughts that serve you and the ones that don’t you owe it to yourself to get curious about.  

After all if you repeat your thoughts enough they become beliefs and your beliefs create your experience of reality. 


  • Self-regulation

 Learning this is an art, as your thoughts and beliefs cause you to react in a certain way to your external environment, when you become triggered you are also triggering your nervous system. This is your flight or fight response that has you sweaty-palmed, heart racing and on edge when you think about speaking up in a meeting, sharing your brilliant idea or dealing with conflict at the office.

When you can self-regulate you can operate more confidently, assertively and have greater influence. 


  • Energy balance 

Balancing your energy is critical to optimum performance at work. Without energy you cannot work, just in the same way a car does not drive without fuel. However, we still try to and this is what leads to burnout - that feeling of having nothing left to give, when your mind goes foggy and you struggle to concentrate. 

The thing with our energy is that it is isn’t as simple as having a bath or booking a day off, because when you are chronically stressed and overworked this isn’t enough to make a lasting impact. You need to learn to balance your energy, implement boundaries and know how and when to say no.


  • Stay present 

Even if your job requires you to handle F*** ups or mitigate risk, future planning or budget forecasting, everything you do can only be done in this exact moment. If you find yourself worrying about things that have happened, or overthinking things that might go wrong, then you are not in the present moment. You are not focussed fully on the lovely meal with your family, you are not focussing fully on the presentation you are writing and you are not enjoying your work out because your mind is elsewhere. 

Being present at work requires you to focus on what you can control, plan for those things accordingly and then only deal with them at the time you have scheduled. This gives you the head space to focus on what you need to do in the present moment instead of being so overwhelmed with everything you need to do you don’t actually do it. 

Burnout and stress is not something you have to get through on your own. You deserve to feel happy, in control and peace every day, even whilst still being productive and effective at work and it is possible for you. 

If you want to go from Surviving to Thriving to implement these practices and so much more then schedule your free chemistry call with me by clicking the link here

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

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