Why I coach about so much more than just writing your CV

Why I coach about so much more than just writing your CV

This week has been my first week where my business is my only occupation. (Silently screams with excitement!). It’s been amazing, all of the newness of a new toy and the familiarity of an old friend. After all, I have been working on this for a year already….

I thought I would write today for anyone who would like to get to know me better, and especially for anyone who sometimes has days who believes they were meant for more. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t start this business with a view to become a millionaire, nor because I hated my job, and definitely not because I had a dream of being a business owner. 

The reason I started it is because, following a career change from Recruitment into Client Account Management I realised there was a fundamental piece missing of what I loved. It took leaving to figure it out.... 

I LOVE helping people. 

My recruitment career was successful. I got promoted 3 times, and in my final year I finally became the highest biller. I worked with prestigious clients and I took great pride in getting quite a few 10k+ increases for my candidates. I left it all because even though it never got easier, intellectually, the challenge didn’t really change, and after 5 years I was ready for something new. 

Starting a new job was amazing, I got to travel and train in America and moved from an office of 30 to an office of 500, but just 3 months in I realised I missed working with people on something that to me, felt more purposeful. So I started CV Secrets, as a way to make sure my knowledge, experience and passion didn’t go to waste.  

Becoming a business owner, social media manager, content creator, finance manager, website builder came second and all whilst certifying as a coach and getting to grips with my new role.

Has it been easy? Well, I don’t think easy is the right word for it. Has it been worth every penny of investment, time and dedication to create something that is truly my own then YES a thousand times over. 

You see, in the journey of bringing you what I already had experience in, I also discovered that what is really happening when someone makes a career change is that they are changing too. 

As your title and salary start to climb up, we are at risk of losing ourselves. We risk chasing the progression so hard that we lose our purpose and maybe even discover we never embarked on this journey because it’s what we truly wanted in the first place. Or we are so unsure of what the next step looks like for us we stay, trapped and stagnant, scared to move and eventually get pushed or move out of desperation. 

I see another way. I see that by embodying and embracing your potential, putting yourself out there, seeking something more and going for what you want takes courage and vulnerability in equal measures. 

It takes being willing to fail. It takes exploring, experimenting and putting yourself out there. Something few of us are able to do. 

But with me, it’s a journey you can take with confidence, where you are led by inspiration and ambition and not by fear. You see, no matter how large our dreams are, I know how easily our demons like to tear us down, keep us playing small or safe. But what if… what if… what if…

I discovered that for some of us, the search for a better career is more than just a job, it is about finding your purpose. It is becoming so aligned with yourself and who you are, and not just seeing your potential but by stepping up and stepping into it THAT is where you find yourself. 

So this is me. This is why I don’t share AS much about just writing a killer CV but I promise I will do more of that and soon. 

In the meantime, if this stirred something in you, and you know you are meant for more but perhaps you don’t quite know where to find it or what that looks like, then maybe I can help. Drop me a dm, let’s set up a call. What is possible for me is possible for you and so much more. 

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