You can do anything you put your heart to

You can do anything you put your heart to.

You can do anything you put your heart to.

I always considered myself a corporate career gal.

The first time I landed in Canary Wharf the sun was setting and the light was beaming into the station entrance and I rolled up on the escalator feeling like I was Beyoncé entering centre stage. I looked up at those skyscrapers and said to myself I will be living my corporate dream within 6 months.

Even though I had a home, and boyfriend firmly rooted in Devon, I did it. It was a dream I had for years. It started as a seed, a crazy ambitious I saw and heard other people do but had no idea how. Over the course of my university degree in Bristol, that ambition grew stronger, but it wasn't until 3 years after graduating I made the leap. If there is one thing I regret, is that I should have done it sooner. However, I don't believe in regrets, because I believe everything happens exactly as it is meant to.

So eventually, I did it. It was even more magical than I imagined!

I actually wound up working for a law firm, with an office literally overlooking the Thames (still to do this day the best office I ever had) and a commute that meant I walked past the Shard each morning; walked through Borough Market reaching my office within 20 minutes (Bridget Jones, eat your heart out).

You see when I said I was moving to London they told me it was expensive, too demanding, too dangerous, the commute would make me suicidal (not even kidding a friend of mine sent me an article from the Metro to prove it), and that I would be a broke wreck within 6 months. Despite the salary bump my rent would triple and I can forget sipping cocktails in Mayfair unless I wanted to sacrifice eating for a week. So, I took their bold advice and did it anyway.

My heart knew it before I allowed my brain (and loved ones) to talk it out of me.

I have come to learn the best decisions are made alone, because for me that is where my truth lies. Within me, no matter what anyone else thinks. It doesn't mean I don't take their good advice, it means I soak as much as I can and with some extra google searches to be sure. But when all is said and done in my heart of hearts I know my truth and I trust it fully. If I'm wrong, well, when the time comes I will learn from it.

I had given up my old home, my boyfriend and my life in quiet Devon and took the plunge. It was the BEST DECISION ever.

You see, your dreams may be scary as hell to everyone you know, but to me, it was a great big adventure and my gut just KNEW it was where I needed to be....

7 years later I never looked back.

I moved from one law firm, to working for a top agency which meant I worked with ALL the top law firms in the city (yes Magic Circle n all), and even then, 5 years in, feeling like I made it, I realised the goal posts had changed again. My career ambitions got bigger and I needed to keep moving.

So what learnings can you take from this?

 - No dream is too big to make your reality. 

No matter what your friends, family and circle make you think, your dreams are YOURS and no one can take that away from you unless you let them. 

- Sometimes you have to let things go to move on.

The boyfriend I mentioned that I broke up with? He got married last year. Something he said he would never do with me. Believe it or not it actually fills my heart with so much joy. He was a good man, still is I'm sure, but just not MY man. Not for life anyway. It broke my heart to break up with him, but in the end we both turned out better off for it. 

- Your heart knows your truth, don't ignore it.

Did you know science has advanced so much that they know say your heart has it's own emotional intelligence? It doesn't take a heart break to tell you your heart feels emotion. Just like your brain and gut, your heart holds it's own intelligence and knowing. Whatever rational or irrational thinking you may put towards something, your heart and gut always knows.

Your turn...

Try journaling on these questions and see what comes up for you. 

What dreams do you secretly have?

Be as detailed as you can. So if you dream about moving away, what City, what would your apartment look like, and most importantly how do you want to feel?

What would you need to let go of?

I'm not saying you have to dump your partner! More likely, it may be a belief you have about how attainable your dream is. Do you believe you can? Do you feel worthy? Despite the fear, what do you believe? If there is fear, describe it. This is what we work on extensively in my 1:1 coaching. 

What truth does you heart speak that your brain is struggling with?

As you think about what you really want for your life, what is your mind telling you that is in conflict with your heat? What are other people saying to you about your dreams that aren't what you believe or want to be true?

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