The truth about why you struggle to make decisions

One of the biggest changes I have seen in myself since becoming a coach is my ability to make DECISIONS.


Here’s why it’s changed my life.


I'm more confident, self assured and I TRUST when that when I desire something, it's coming from the place of pure authenticity and ultimately power. This sounds bold to say I know. But let's break this down. In my business, when it comes to how I show up, how I respond to clients, how I decide what direction (what offer, what freebie, what blog to write about) it always come from that inner knowing, inner inspiration. In my life, I decide on a restaurant, menu choice, drink, hotel almost instantly. When I'm watching TV I no longer spend a shows worth of time choosing on Netflix, I just choose and watch the damn show. 


My ability to make decisions increased when I learn to listen to what my desires and trust that what I first want is exactly what I need. 


A decision is only difficult when we tell ourselves that we don’t trust that what we want is the right thing to do. 


Read that again.


We often make the mistake of taking our time to make a decision, so that we can think about it for a while longer. Here is the truth.  


You don’t need to think about it. You already know.


The thought has already happened. The feeling is already there. The feeling that knows the truth. What you need to come to terms with is whether or not you feel good about that thought or feeling. The truth is are you ready to come to terms with the fact that decision requires action and actions have consequences. More often than not it is the consequences we are truly avoiding, and not the decision itself. 


Are you willing to lean into your true desire and say yes to it? 


Or will you crumble and lean into the fear? The fear that you desire, your truth, is somehow wrong? The fear that your decision will not get you the outcome you expect? The fear that you may upset someone by your choices? Or that the road you choose is a path less travelled?


This is the truth. 


You don’t need to think about investing the money in a coach. You already know if you desire to work with someone. What you’re struggling to discern is if you are ready to commit to creating a change for yourself by making this investment and spending this money on something you haven’t spent before.


You don’t need to think about if you really want to quit your job. You already know that you do. What you are struggling to face is the fear that you won’t find another job, you won’t make your business idea work, you won’t make enough money, or that your partner, parents, friends will think you’re crazy. 


You don’t need to think about if you should ask for a raise. You already know that you are underpaid and undervalued. What you are struggling to face is what it means to put yourself out there and stand up for yourself and the consequences if they say no. 


You don’t need to think about whether or not you should leave your partner. You already know this pain you feel means that he doesn’t love you as much you as know is possible. What you’re struggling to deal with is the drama of moving out, communicating the break-up and the fear of being alone.


I know this because I have been in EACH of these situations in the past. 


As soon as I stopped pretending that I didn’t know what I wanted, it means I had to face my truth about the consequences of taking action on my desires. It’s safer to stay in indecision than take the risk of being wrong, or facing consequences that put me in difficult situations. 


The problem with when we cave into indecision and do nothing, is that we stay we are. We become the pawn of someone else's tail. We are not empowered. We are afraid. Waiting for permission. Hoping for validation. Silently begging to be seen, to be heard, to be loved. 


Now, I am a woman who gives in to my desires. When I notice I am procrastinating or avoiding a choice, it is not because I do not know, oh no, it is because I am scared of the consequences. But that is not the woman who I choose to be. So now, I DECIDE to be the woman who knows and goes for what she wants and if I don’t get it, well, what’s the worst that can happen?


Which do you choose?


I have opened spaces for 1:1 coaching with me. A powerful 12-week coaching journey to personally support you through the overwhelm, uncertainty and doubt you are experiencing in your business or career and into a place of confidence, self trust, self love and alignment. 


To schedule your free chemistry call simply drop me an email ([email protected] ) or dm me on instagram (@empoweredwithpamella) to schedule a call so we can explore where you are at in your business or career and how coaching with me will get you to where you want to go. 

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