Surviving to Thriving

Career & Life Coaching 

Career & Life Coaching is for you if:


👉 You are a high achieving  professional with big visions for your future, you look successful on the outside, but in truth you are on the edge of burnout or recovering from burnout, losing yourself and not sure how you can continue to juggle it all.
👉 Your day job isn't as fulfilling as it once was. Perhaps you are thinking about exploring a new path in life, you want to, or have started that side hustle or course, and you're doing all the things. But something is out of alignment and you want to feel like your path is clear again.
👉 You're realising you feel lost in your career and perhaps life, the world is opening back up, the possibilities and dreams are endless, but you're realising how overwhelming and stressful this all feels. 
👉 You're questioning if this is it. You want your day-to-day to feel more inspired, in control and happy. You want to wake up feeling with a sense of purpose, with clear aligned goals because you're taking a path that lights you the F up. 

👉 You're fed up of feeling this way, you know you need to change, but the free workshops, self help books and youtube meditations just aren't getting you there. Perhaps your work has provided a mindfulness course, and your therapist has been great, but you are ready for a shift and lasting change a new direction in life.
👉 You're aware you have some mental blocks and know you want to overcome them in order to take back your power and feel more in control and confident again. You know you have greatness within you and that means no more staying in what you know because otherwise, you would already be there.

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Imagine if you could fast forward to 12 weeks time and wake up each day with renewed confidence. Be able to show up authentically and powerfully. Knowing how to say no, how to manage your time and manage your relationships with people.


Imagine feeling energised, aligned and renewed, ready to start your day knowing you have the tools to handle anything that life (or your boss) throws at you. You have stronger boundaries, and the things that used to trigger you just don't seem to get you like that anymore. 


Imagine the sparkle and connection that you experience on your best days, as they become your every day. You feel a deep sense of purpose, and trust in who you are. You are working towards a career path that excites you and you know ow to communicate that to the people you care about in a way that they want support you through it too.


Imagine feeling inspired to go for things that had previously felt too scary or too challenging such as committing fully to that business idea or side hustle. You are committed and prepared to go all in on your ambitions because you know you deserve success.

Hi, I’m Pamella.

When I’m not exploring in the great outdoors, at the gym,  walking around a museum (yes I geek out for these things!), playing Playstation (guilty pleasure!) or enjoying a deep spiritual read, I’m a Career & Life Coach who serves ambitious women into making empowered changes to feel more confident and aligned in their career and life.


I spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder. But when I reached the top? I realized it wasn’t where I wanted to be. 


I provide career and life coaching because I have been there, grinding in my corporate role (which I loved btw) until one day my body literally said no. Cue a surprise panic attack at 10.30am in the office and being sent home for a week. For me it wasn't there, then it hit me all at once, but for many of my clients this has been festering for months, until you reach a point of 'I've had enough' - sometimes your body makes you through illness or breakdown and sometimes you choose it first. This is my why. To be the help I needed when I went through it.

By bridging together over a decade of experience working in recruitment and HR, plus my own personal transition into becoming a Certified Career & Life Coach I’ve been able to support other ambitious professionals just like you to feel as successful on the inside as they look on the outside. 

I take my clients from here:

 Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unaligned, working hard but not seeing any results or change.

 Having so much on their plate, struggling to do it all, say no, and create healthy boundaries. 

❌ Secretly watching the LinkedIn promotions and Facebook updates about new business ventures wishing they could do it too.

 ❌ Wanting to have less 'meh' days, to feeling happier, more successful, in control and thriving in their career, business and life.

To here:

💥 be able to show up with confidence, authenticity and energy in their career, business or life
💥 have better boundaries at work and in their personal life, honour their time better and do more of what feels good
💥 feel more confident in saying no, know how to manage toxic people and environments
💥 regain their energy, honour their emotions and feel more aligned in their career, business and life
💥 generally feel more positive about their career and life, so that their success on the outside matches the inside

You need real life, hands-on support from a Coach who has been in your shoes and been through it all. Who has also supported numerous professionals through incredible transformations where they went from surviving to thriving too. 


Don't just take my word for it....

"Pamella is an AMAZING coach!

I am continuously surprised at just how powerful our sessions have been, and am so extremely grateful to have found her as my coach.

The transformation I have felt these last few months - in both my career and in life - is truly indescribable.

Not only have I grown and achieved so much, but there's also this deep sense of calm balanced beautifully with feelings of inspiration and joy. Pamella has this amazing ability to make you feel so connected and taken care of with her warm, calm & professional vibes.

I SO look forward to our sessions every week & can't imagine my life without them now! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their true path on a deep level - both in career and in life." 


"I went into my coaching journey optimistic, yet not 100% confident that I was going to discover career clarity.

Pamella exceeded my expectations as a coach.

She would ask me questions that I've never asked myself before, which was quite refreshing.

Ultimately I discovered my purpose and mission in life and I'm so grateful for her.

I would highly recommend Pamella’s coaching services! I sought her out for help with finding my dream career, and she did just that. I’m now taking steps to start my own business, and I have the confidence to do so knowing that it’s my purpose. I’m so grateful for Pamella and the thoughtfulness and respect she gave during my sessions."


Here's what to expect...

First, your access to the online Surviving to Thriving Programme will start immediately, with powerful exercises to help you get in the right frame of mind to define and set yourself up for success. 

Then we’ll start with an in-depth 90-minute coaching session to get you hitting the ground running and making some breakthroughs. YES, even on your very first session!

Then with each session you will work through 5 main components of your transition which are complemented by the exercises in the online programme. 

   ✔️ Stage 1 - Prioritise You
Everything starts with you. This is your permission to put yourself first, because by truly committing to filling up your cup, your loving, energetic overflow can effortlessly spill out to everyone else and every other area of your life. 
   ✔️ Stage 2 - Your priorities
Now we deep dive into what you want from your career, business and life. Here we get crystal clear on what you are trying to create and what would actually light you up in your career, business and life.
   ✔️ Stage 3 - Career, success and mindset
Defining your ambitions and priorities is often where the fear starts to creep in. No more playing small as we face the things that had been holding you back and start to bring the light onto the shadows.
   ✔️ Stage 4 - Boundaries, energy and resilience
Learn how to maintain and manager masculine and feminine energies, build resilience and set clear boundaries so that you can maintain momentum and stay on track. 
   ✔️ Stage 5 - Confidence, action, communicating your story
The final module focusses on momentum and action. Learn how to stay aligned, take clear and fast action, and develop your confidence in communicating your story especially to the people you care about.  

So what's included?

✔️ Transformative 1:1 Coaching

3 months of transformative 1:1 coaching with me as your personal coach.
✔️ A range of topics
The coaching may cover anything from clarity, inspired action, identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, trauma healing, forgiveness, career change, masculine and feminine energy dynamics, coping mechanisms, and energy healing depending on YOUR needs.
✔️ Online access to the Surviving to Thriving course
Access to online video training and exercises to help you develop your self-concept, self-love, and self-compassion, including meditations and journaling prompts, through 5 key modules released each by week.
✔️ In-between session support
Access to me in between sessions for support as you experience breakthroughs, aha moments, have questions or need support.

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During our call we will discuss what you're going through right now and how it's impacting your life, then we'll explore what you want to feel and see over the next few months, then if Career & Life Coaching still looks like a good fit, I will tell you all about it. We can explore any questions you have and if it's a go, you can be started within 24 hours and having your first 90 minute transformational coaching call with me within the week.

You see, when you commit to levelling up your life we don't hang around. When you start to take action on your desires big shifts can happen. 
Are you ready?