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Where you are now:

Are you feel disconnected to your current career?

In fact, you have been questioning whether this career path is really for you anymore. Something is out of alignment even though you have worked for years in this career. You feel like your sense of self has been slipping away.

Do you regularly feel like your career just happened to you?

So far your career has been happening to you and you want to make it happen for you. You don't want to cruise through your life and career with regrets but the last decade has flown past. You know you are capable of extraordinary but it seems so far away right now, is change even possible?

Is there a voice in your head holding you back from exploring something new and maybe even starting again?

You struggle to say yes to opportunities or go for what you really want in your career because deep down the change seems scary, you're worried what people may think or you just don't feel good enough to go for it?

Do you vision a more abundant life with greater purpose but don't know how to harness what is within you?

You know there is more, that you have an ocean of depth inside of you and that you are looking to find your path and how to step into your power and embrace all that you are and all that you can become.

“Self belief alone will not achieve your goals, but achieving your goals without self belief, will be almost impossible.” 

Arlan Hamilton

You are ready to:

To get crystal clear on your career goals and life purpose.

Whether it's a brand new career path, career pivot or setting up a side hustle, you are ready to embrace a more authentic you doing something you love. You want to feel more life and career purpose, more connected and more YOU.

To be in control of your inner critic so that you can live a free and meaningful life.

Release your inner critic and take ownership of your own mindset, so that you can live a life on your terms and not be held back by old patterns and stories that no longer serve you.

Define a clear action plan.

By getting clear on what you want, and how you want to feel in your life, you will define success on your terms. Then go and make it happen, with a clear action plan that aligns to what you are truly inspired to commit to.

Redefine your personal brand.

Show up and step up as the successful professional you want to become. It's not about just looking and acting the part, it is truly embodying your future self.

You’ve already tried:

Reading the odd self help book, you found them interesting and insightful but there hasn’t been any changes or progress that you need in your life because it still feels the same.

Speaking to friends and family about your career, of course they support you but they don’t really get it or know how to change it. Their advice isn’t always what you need and sometimes it makes you feel more lost or alone.

Therapy just didn’t work. You talked and talked but you were not moving forward towards your goals, nor are you any clearer on what they are.

Making promises to yourself that you just aren’t keeping. You know you want to progress but you are repeating the same loops and not making progress on your goals.

It doesn’t have to feel this way. You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Coaching truly enables you to discover yourself and re-define yourself all at the same time.  

What my client’s say….

A transformational coaching experience.

Get ready to be empowered and step into your higher self.

Session 1 and 2 - Get crystal clear on your career or life goals

Find clarity on who you are and what you want. Through powerful questioning, you are given the space to allow your true desires to come to the surface. Without clarity and purpose you cannot see where you are going or how to get there, this is why having a crystal clear vision of your career and life goals is always the first step.

Sessions 3, 4 & 5 - Release your Inner Critic

Now we know what you want, we work on identifying what is holding you back. By bringing your inner critic into the light we assess how your limiting beliefs are serving you, over a series of weeks I help you identify where they show up for you and release them.

Step 6-7 - Take Massive Action

The final step, with commitment and focus, we create a strategy for you to continue on and take inspired action. With your new found self belief that you are capable and worthy, ensuring you are set up for success, no matter how you define true success to be. This could include redefining your personal career story, and personal brand, reviewing your CV and putting yourself out there to embrace new opportunities. Identify key next steps towards achieving your goals, this could include review of your personal brand including CV and LinkedIn review

Step 8 & 9 - Building Resilience

As your career progresses and you level up, the challenges we face can show up in new and unexpected ways. To conclude your coaching you learn to deal with possible setbacks, how to maintain your energy and stay aligned to your goals, no matter what life throws at you.

What else is included ?

Call recording and session notes so you have this course for life

Voice note support via WhatsApp Mon-Fri 9-5pm during our time together

Virtual welcome pack to get you started

Workbooks or exercises to complete in between sessions

Guided meditations and visualisations

Interview, CV and job search templates and guides


The coaching programme is 9 sessions completed over an 11 week period to allow for flexibility and emergencies.  

Each session is 1 hour. 

This is discussed on our call together as we explore your needs. 

It can get emotional. Being vulnerable and getting honest with who you truly are and what you truly desire for your life and career is also incredibly liberating…

To transform, you need to release the old and replace with the new. Throughout our coaching you are well cared for. Your well-being is at the core of my coaching approach and ethics.

My role as your coach is to facilitate the space for you to go deep and explore the truth of who you are and what you want to achieve. This means you need to show up and be committed to the calls. You need to be willing to explore and be honest with yourself about how you truly feel. 

There will be exercises for you to complete in between the sessions. By doing the work you create a much more powerful impact. 

Ultimately, if you keep on doing or thinking what you’ve always done or thought, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten. This coaching programme is about making the change you need to your mindset so that you can step into your power and embrace the true you, to welcome the life you truly want.

All coaching sessions are carried out over zoom, so regardless of location, we can connect.

So far, I have worked with clients in America, Australia, Europe and South Africa!

Due to the level of energy I invest into my private coaching clients, spots are extremely limited.

One of the most critical success factors is the fit between the coach and coachee, so we’ll jump on a (free)  discovery call first to see if it’s the right fit. I’m guessing if you’ve seen my videos, you have a decent idea of my style. Now it’s time to see if we have the right chemistry to do great things together.

Applications are now OPEN for January 2021. The next step is to simply schedule a call so that we can connect and discuss!

What my client’s say….

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