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Applications for Career Coaching with CV Secrets is now OPEN for October!

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Why Career Coaching with CV Secrets is for you:

You are ready to take control of your career.

You are ready to start! You want to develop your career and you want to do it with intention and direction.

You've sent your CV out to loads of places but you're hearing tumbleweed.

The CV has been updated, you even got your mate who is pretty senior to take a look, but despite sending out to loads of places there are crickets in your inbox. The one interview you did get offered doesn't even sound that great and time is running out.

You have already had some interviews but it just isn't working out for you.

Something is out of alignment, either your applying for the wrong jobs or your approaching it wrong. Let's get clear on what you are really looking for and what might be preventing you from getting there.

You are feeling overwhelmed.

You know you need a new job. Even your friends are telling you to move on. Getting started, knowing what you want and where to start is a LOT to think about and seems more daunting than inspiring. You need a strategy or at least a plan so that you can regain control and take inspired action.

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Career Coaching with CV Secrets will help you:

Find clarity on your goals and ambitions, so that you can be in the steering wheel of your own career.

We deep dive into your personal demons, about what is holding you back or what is going wrong, so that you can identify the value and belief systems that drive your decisions and build a mindset that serves you. 

Take actionable steps to make your job search efficient and purposeful, with support across interview preparation, personal branding and salary negotiation.

On the other side of fear, procrastination and anxiety is the person you are meant to become. 

Great! So what’s included?

Your career package includes:
– 6 x 1:1 private coaching sessions over the course of 8 weeks via Zoom
– Job search and mindset activities, including meditations to keep you progressing in between sessions
– A custom-built CV (separately worth £247)
– Job search done-for-you email templates
– Personal branding session (inc LinkedIn review and optimisation)
– Salary negotiation session
– Unlimited access to me via email the entire time we’re working together
– Life time access to all sessions 


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Career Coaching with CV secrets will give you both the critical tools to achieve your career goals and also the self worth and self belief that you deserve the career and salary of your dreams.

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