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Pamella Pritchard

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Stop fear from holding you back

Is fear holding you back? Do you wish you could say YES to opportunities but there is a voice in your head that says otherwise?

Try this for size… “Fear will not hold me back from opportunities that come my way.”

Opportunities are all around you, if you simply look for them. Whether that is looking for a new job, changing career, or even starting that side hustle.

Fear may try to stop you, but it doesn’t mean you will let it. You see, the moment you observe there is fear, you have become the ‘objective observer’.  Meaning, you and the fear are now two separate things. Sit with that a moment. You are NOT your fear. Now you can choose how to manage your fear. This part is taking your power back…. Now, you have the choice; to be ruled by the fear, OR take charge and act despite the fear.

For those of you who prefer a more tangible example, as fear is a little abstract I have broken down the different ways that fear may show up for you. If you resonate with this then this is the fear acting. Fear may FEEL  like:

  • A knot in your stomach
  • A loose tummy
  • Hot palms
  • Unease 
  • Nerves 
  • Anxiety 
  • Unable to relax
  • Jittery 

Fear may SOUND like:

  • I’m not good enough 
  • WHY did they make me do this?
  • What if I fail?
  • This will probably be a disaster
  • What if I mess up?
  • They’ll regret choosing me for this.
  • There is probably someone better at this than me.
  • Urgh, do I have to do this
  • That’s not my responsibility 
  • Chris will speak up, he always does
  • No one cares if I speak up or not.

Fear may LOOK like:

  • Procrastinating
  • Leaving things to the last minute until there is no choice
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sweat, despite no workout gear in sight
  • Talking fast 
  • Inability to focus on one task 
  • Avoiding tasks 
  • Staying silent, especially when you have an opinion or (especially) experience, expertise  

Opportunities to keep an eye out for this week:

  • Who would like to go first?
  • Can anyone help me deliver this?
  • Who would like to take this client on?
  • If anyone has any further thoughts here…
  • The CEO is joining the team meeting this week so come prepared with a question.
  • I have some suggestions I’d like to discuss with you when you have 15 minutes…
  • Can you present on this topic next week please?
  • Would you mind running with this please?
  • The secondment is joining our team this week, please make him feel welcome.
  • I’m not experienced enough for that

This, like a muscle, is a practice. The more we become the objective observer of our own thoughts, and fears, the more we can choose to empower ourselves, and step up when opportunities come our way. 

Use these journaling prompts to help you work through the fear so that you can take your power and act, despite the fear:

  1. How does fear show up for you?
  2. Have you ‘felt the fear and done it anyway’?
  3. In your career/job when do you feel fear the most?
  4. In your life when you do you feel fear the most?
  5. Who would you be without the fear? What would you say, do and feel

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