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On the other side of fear, procrastination and anxiety is the person you are meant to become. 

Why the 5 step job search to success is for you: 

I created the guide to give you the blue print to a new job. It’s is everything I have done, every, single, time I have decided I was ready to move on and move up in my career and continue to do with my client’s. They secret is that it isn’t all tactics… It is about identifying what you want and almost more importantly, what is holding you back.

Great! So what’s included?

The breakdown of the 5 steps are as follows:

 – Step 1 – Identify your true career ambitions

 – Step 2 – Transform your limiting beliefs 

 – Step 3 – Build your personal brand

 – Step 4 – Prepare for success 

 – Step 5 – Know your worth

Career Coaching with CV secrets will give you both the critical tools to achieve your career goals and also the self worth and self belief that you deserve the career and salary of your dreams.

Work with me....

Hi! I’m Pamella, your Career and Mindset coach.

I can’t wait to support you during this career transition.

Think of me as your CV guru, interview prep partner and salary negotiation expert, but it’s also so much more than that.

As your coach, I work with you on your mindset. I understand that thinking your way into being confident, releasing your inner critic and stepping into your power isn’t as simple as a few salt baths, meditation and wearing your favourite power suit.

Don’t get me wrong these things definitely help, but a coach will work with you to help you uncover what you really want, what is holding you back and how to rephrame your limiting beliefs into a beliefs and value system that serves you.  

So if you have made it this far I’d say you are pretty keen to make some moves on your career and get the ball rolling! 

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