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Sometimes, a recommendation from a friend can go a long way. If you’re anything like me, comfort, perspective, hope, motivation, lessons or inspiration can often be found in a truly great read! Yet, finding a book with just the right message, even if it is not intended to be business or career related can be exactly what you need…

So here are some great reads that I highly recommend to support you on your career journey.  

Ever had something that slipped off the tongue so fast you even surprise yourself? That my friend, is your chimp. Ever had your boss ask you to stay late at work and you take a breath, and reply “yes of course” and vent later? That’s you, controlling your chimp…

This book is not just for handling yourself in work, but handling every day life situations, the small stuff, the big stuff and other people. It’s an interesting perspective and you will come away understanding yourself better and with a little more knowing about the chimp in other people too…

In my opinion an essential read for any ambitious woman who has as much a right and any intention to become like any other male CEO, COO, CMO,  CHRO CwhateverO before us. From demanding pregnant women have parking spaces near the office entrance to smashing the glass ceiling and finding her duty is to share her story, I was pleasantly surprised by how unintentionally, yet so necessarily feminist this read was. 

Sheryl Sanberg is a true WonderWoman of the 21st Century and we need more voices like hers from the big, bad corporate world to show us it’s possible.

Practice saying these words “I am worth more”. Go on, say it. Go to a mirror, breathe, look straight into your eyes and say it like you mean it. “I’m worth more.”.

How did it feel? If that was easy, then that’s so amazing. Keep saying it so that it inspires you to take action and get whatever ‘more’ you are wanting. If you found it hard, so hard you didn’t know just how hard, until you find yourself staring in the mirror choking on the words, then…  READ. THIS. BOOK. Then read it again. 

Rob More is a millionaire property entrepreneur come mindset motivator who says it how it is and keeps it very, very real. 

A heart warming insight into the growth of the Nike empire. A brand we grew up with and always felt huge, is in fact a start up that has never stopped winning the fight for survival. 

Knight  demonstrates the power of travel,  importance of negotiation and what it means to work with an amazing team. He also shows you the power of trusting your gut, having a dream and stopping at nothing to get there. 

A brilliant story, business book and life lessons in one. Cautionary warning, this book my cause you to run, or start an empire!

Arlan writes for everyone who has ever felt like they tick the ‘other’ box.⁣⁣
Arlan has a career that surpasses your average professional, but she is so much more than that. An advocate for self belief, even when other people around you don’t believe in you and being authentic to your truth, even when you don’t fit the mould, is your highway to success.
Arlan has an inspiring story and shares so many actionable tools in her book. I’ve learnt to stop listening when I’m on a run because I keep needing to slow down to take notes!⁣⁣

Possibly the most life changing book I have ever read. 

Take everything you think you know about time, your past, your future and be prepared to be more of aware of this very moment as you ever have before.

Ekhart has literally changed the hearts and soul’s of millions worldwide with his simple, yet profound teaching; that all you, I or any of us ever truly have, is this moment. Yes this moment, right now. 

Be prepared to look at everything as if you were born again. 

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