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How to get approached for career opportunities when you are NOT looking.

Do you know how to get approached for career opportunities when you are NOT looking?

Here’s a little recruiters secret for you…

In the world of recruitment we used to refer to candidates as either active or passive. What does that mean?

Active Candidates are keen beans for a new job. This is great because it means that these people are more likely to be responsive and proactive with their job search. This is helpful when it comes to a seamless recruitment process.

Passive Candidates are more likely to come on our radar because they have been ‘headhunted’ or approached. This means the candidate is less likely to have made the first move and are less motivated to leave.

Why does this matter and what does this mean for YOU?

  • Passive candidates have the edge when it comes to negotiating power.
  • The company that is interested in you knows that they need to create a strong pull factor to make it worth your while. This means that if a company is inclined to approach you then they know their employee value proposition needs to be attractive enough to entice you.
  • Using this knowledge to your advantage can leverage great results and great opportunities that you weren’t even planning for. 
  • It feels good to be approached for career opportunities! So give yourself the opportunity to be approached and it will more likely happen.
  • Even if you don’t pursue it the confidence boost is always a great uplift.

So HOW do you get approached for opportunities even when you aren’t looking?

LinkedIn is a MUST

Whether you are actually actively looking or not, your LinkedIn profile needs to be ON POINT so that prospective employers can find and want to approach you. This means having a killer title that really speaks to the problem you solve and not just a standard job title. As well as adding a ‘call to action’ that welcomes people to message you on LinkedIn in your about section. This is different to changing your status to ‘open to new opportunities’ (which I absolutely encourage when you are actively looking!).

Always be networking!

Your network is your net worth. This means you are open to saying yes to opportunities that come your way which are maybe slightly outside your job description, especially when it means you will meet new people or get greater exposure.

Build your personal brand.

How you present yourself is how the world will see you. Do you have an exceptional quality that makes you unique? Do you have subject matter knowledge that makes you an expert or rising star in your field? Is there a particular passion you have on a subject you could speak about for days? Your personal brand is how you see yourself and invite the world to see you. You share this through your LinkedIn profile and more importantly, the content you create, post and engage with.

Your brand is also built through the perception of the people around you who work with you and know you. So remember, how you present yourself is how others will perceive you, and be prepared to match your words with your actions. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and this is how a lot of people get approached for opportunities. 

So what do I do when a company approaches me?

If a company approaches you then explore it! If it’s not the right time, keep the door open as your situation could change at any moment. It’s smart to grow your network, build your confidence, make connections and build bridges. 

The most exciting opportunities in life are the spontaneous one that occur when you least expect it, don’t you think? 

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