Why CV Secrets is for you:

You are ready to take control of your career.

You are ready to start! You want to develop your career and take it to the next level, and you want to do it with intention and direction.

You want a CV that get's you noticed.

The CV has been updated, you even got your mate who is pretty senior to take a look, but despite sending it out to loads of places there are crickets in your inbox. The one interview you did get offered doesn't even sound that great, and time is running out.

You already had some interviews, but it just isn't working out for you.

Something is out of alignment, either your applying for the wrong jobs or your approaching it wrong. Let's get clear on what you are really looking for and what might be preventing you from getting there.

You are feeling overwhelmed.

You know you need a new job. Even your friends are telling you to move on. Getting started, knowing what you want and where to start is a LOT to think about and seems more daunting than inspiring. You need a strategy or at least a plan so that you can regain control and take inspired action.

You want to be paid your worth.

You suspect you have been underpaid for a while now and you want to get paid your worth. Salary negotiation seems pretty daunting and you're not about blowing your own trumpet, you wouldn't know how anyway, but you know you deserve a salary increase and you know you deserve better.

CV Secrets will help you:

Develop your personal brand

Create a personal brand that actually reflects your value. This could include your CV, optimising your LinkedIn or a review of how you are networking. Every encounter is an opportunity to find and create opportunities and building a strong and clearly defined personal brand is the best way to open the doors and feel confident about uncovering, applying and creating opportunities that are waiting for you.

Define a purposeful strategy

Take actionable steps to make your job search efficient and purposeful. Build a realistic plan of action in leveraging your network, work effectively with recruiters and hiring managers and identify opportunities and creating opportunities. Take out the overwhelm and create a focused and impactful plan of attack that will help you get results faster.

Claim your worth

Salary negotiation is about positioning yourself so that employers are offering you the salary you deserve. Whether you are at offer stage, just starting your search or thinking about promotion, salary negotiation is a key component of your career that requires you to be an active participant and not a hopeful bystander if you hope to attain your true value.

Nail your interviews

After all is said and done, your performance in the interview is your opportunity to communicate your offering and the value you bring to the organisation. Preparation is absolutely key and you don't have to do it alone. Getting practice and feedback are essential to making it count when it truly matters.

What my client’s say….

Work with me:

Your job search is completely unique to you!

That’s why each coaching package is tailored to your needs. You may need just a one off coaching intensive to get the ball rolling and make waves on your CV, personal brand, or entire job search. Alternatively you may need a course of 3-12 sessions, to support you all the way in your career transition journey. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to your life and career, which is why each programme is based entirely on what you need to overcome, so that together, we keep making steps towards your goals.  

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I’m guessing if you have made it this far, then you either a details person or you are looking for reassurance that career coaching is right for you. Of course you can go it alone, but, perhaps you have moved jobs a few times and this time, you want to get it right. 

If you’re anything like me, you will have absorbed all of the free content that is available to you, yet either something isn’t working, or like me, you value the experience of doing it properly, and as immersively as possible.

There is a reason all of the most successful athletes and CEO’s value coaching, because it get’s you the results you need, faster. 

No, as it’s illegal for me to do so!

But what I can guarantee is that working with me will get you clarity on what you want and should be doing, and help you take the right steps as you embark on your career transition journey. The skills and discovery you will do with me, will not only serve you now, but are skills and learnings that will last you a life time. As they say, teach a (wo)man to fish…

Unfortunately my role as your coach and mentor is not to operate as your recruiter or headhunter on your behalf…  In fact, this used to be my career and there is a reason I don’t do that anymore.

Recruiters, head hunters and HR are primarily there to fulfil their business needs, hiring talent, so you will still interact and work with them as part of your job search.

As your coach, my only agenda is to support YOU in the way that you need. We ‘dance’ our way through the fog and uncertainty, and give you the clarity, and confidence to step into your power and believe you can achieve whatever you truly desire. 

The first step is to schedule a a free, no obligation, exploratory call to better understand your current situation and what you are trying to achieve, so that we can identify how I can help you. If you wish to take it forward, we agree the number of sessions and pricing and get you started as soon as you are ready.

I hear you, and I promise you’re not alone. A common theme that comes up with my clients is just that; ‘what do I really want and how do I get there?’.  The thing is your career doesn’t function in isolation, your career impacts your life. If this is you then you may find that my Transform and Empower Careeer and Mindset Programme is better suited to you.
Feeling ready? Schedule your Free 30 minute session with me to ask your questions and discover how coaching can help you. 

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