Hi! I'm Pamella, your Career and Mindset coach...

I have worked with individuals on salaries from £20,000pa to £200,000pa and there is one thing a surprising amount of incredible people have in common; the stress, uncertainty, time and effort of going through a career transition is the same.  

I truly believe that you deserve a fulfilling career that lights you the F up. The problem is that our society didn't teach us to value this. We were taught to value the pretty penny, the title and in a world where we can see someone's promotion or new jobs on LinkedIn we are reminded regularly of other people's progress and success, and we are left lacking as result. 

The thing with a fulfilling career is that it is NOT about doing what your family, friends or society expect of you. I created this business because I am on a mission to help you to redesign the meaning of success for YOU and help you achieve it. The secret is that it's about connecting so deeply to who YOU are, that what you choose to do for a career doesn't feel like work.

Yes, this is possible.

My approach is holistic, incorporating my decade of recruiting and HR background with practical strategic support alongside soul led life coaching. 

We spend 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work. Do you really want to spend it doing something you don't love anymore? 


Success doesn't have to be a sacrifice.

You don't have to stick with what you chose when you were 18. 

It's why I incorporate a unique blend of life coaching, mindset, spirituality and practical career support. 

It's time you give yourself permission to create or find a career you love based around what you want from your LIFE.


The headlines:

  • ICF Certified Life Coach
  • 10 years working in Corporate Human Resources and Recruitment 
  • BA Hons in Business Management and Human Resources
  • Worked industries inc: law and accountancy firms, real estate, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, media and finance.
  • Clients have spanned: United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa 
  • Professions I have worked with include: HR, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, IT, Engineering, Accounting, Entrepreneurs, Teachers


Not forgetting:

  • Gym bunny
  • Leo Star Sign 
  • Sweets over Chocolate
  • Self-Projected Projector
  • Malbec every single time
  • Enneagram 8 - The Challenger 
  • Lover of all oceans, especially when the sun creates diamonds over the horizon. 

It's time to graduate from your graduate career and create a career you actually love.

Are you ready to learn how we can work together?

Let's do this!