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Pamella Pritchard

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You can do anything you put your heart to

I always considered myself a corporate career gal. First time I landed in Canary Wharf the sun was setting and the light was beaming into the station entrance and I rolled up on the escalator feeling like I was Beyonce entering centre stage. I looked up at those skyscrapers and said to myself I will be living my corporate dream within 6 months and I’m going to move to London. 

At the time, I was working in Devon, for a small top 100 law firm (that year we had just made the 100 list for the first time) and I was so proud of myself for securing that job. It was a role that had been created for me. See, I originally applied for a generalist role, but my passion for recruitment shone through and apparently my interview convinced them to create their first inhouse recruiter role which I would take as a trial. That in itself is a career lesson but that isn’t the one I’m here to tell today. You see, within 6 months, we were expanding our London office and it was my opportunity to recruit for London and create some links to the City I had always dreamed of. 

Soon enough, I was making monthly trips to the London office and I loved the adventure of it. Before long, my ambition to move to London became something I simply couldn’t pretend was satisfied once a month and I made it my mission to move there. 

As you know, I did it. I actually wound up working for a top 20 law firm, with an office literally overlooking the Thames (still to do this day the best office (and view) I ever had) and a commute that meant I walked past the Shard each morning & walked through Borough Market reaching my office within 20 minutes (Bridget Jones, eat your heart out). 

You see when I said I was moving to London they told me it was expensive, too demanding, too dangerous, the commute would make me suicidal (not even kidding a friend of mine sent me an article from the Metro to prove it), and that I would be a broke wreck within 6 months. Despite the salary bump, my rent would triple and I can forget sipping cocktails in Mayfair unless I wanted to sacrifice eating for a week. Despite this, I had given up my old home, my boyfriend and my life in quiet Devon and took the plunge.

It was the BEST DECISION ever. 

7 years later I never looked back. I moved from this law firm, to working for a top agency which meant I worked with ALL the top law firms in the city (yes Magic Circle and all), and even then, 5 years in, 2 promotions later, feeling like I made it, I realised the goal posts of my ambitions had changed again. My career goals got bigger and I needed to keep moving forward. 

You see sometimes, you have to give up everything you know to follow your dreams. Sometimes, you have to trust that realising one dream, creates space to make new dreams. It really is true when they say it isn’t about the destination, it’s the journey. 

That doesn’t mean you do it blindly. 

Each and every one of these moves was a strategic decision that levelled up my experience, resilience, and bank account. Alongside my personal journey, the nature of my work meant I supported 100’s of individuals on theirs. 

One thing that came up time and time again is that there is a significant difference between those who believe they can, and those who actually do. I remember working with people who would ‘test the waters’ and stay in touch regularly to see ‘what was happening on the market’ but would never leave, despite many long phone calls hearing all about the office politics and drama. Which was absolutely fine and definitely worth staying up to date with. But then, there were those who took massive action. They knew what they wanted and they went for it.

You can do it too.

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. But I think this is the great question – can we? Can we really? Well, the answer is yes, you can. It doesn’t happen overnight. It may not be easy. But staying in a job you hate, or is anything less than amazing is pretty hard too right. 

Wouldn’t you want the kind of hard that actually feels worth it? That gives you a sense of reward, purpose and accomplishment at the end of it?

It doesn’t mean you have to make the kind of sacrifices I made, I simply share my story to show you it can be done. In fact, I created my career change programme so you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

If you haven’t yet registered for my free Career Change Masterclass this is your invitation. It’s the first step towards figuring out what your dream career would actually look like. It is the first step to getting clarity, and giving you the confidence to move strategically towards your dreams. Be the woman who knows what she wants and knows she deserves to take the time and effort to figure it out.

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