About me...

Hi! I'm Pamella, your Career and Mindset coach...

Think of me as your CV guru, interview prep partner and salary negotiation expert, but it’s also so much more than that.

As your coach, I work with you on the tactical stuff, as well as your mindset. I understand that thinking your way into being confident, releasing your inner critic and stepping into your power isn’t as simple as a few salt baths, meditation and wearing your favourite power suit.

Don’t get me wrong, these things definitely help but a coach, like, will work with you to help you uncover what you really want, what is holding you back and how to rephrame your limiting beliefs into a beliefs and value system that serves you.  

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I have worked with individuals on salaries from £20,000pa to £200,000pa and there is one thing a surprising amount of incredible people have in common; the stress, uncertainty, time and effort of going through a career transition is the same.  

Why I became a Career and Mindset Coach….

I decided to become a Career and Mindset Coach to take my experience of the corporate world as well as my coaching, spiritual and NLP training to help you step into your most confident you and build the career and life of your dreams.

Helping ambitious professionals step up the career ladder was always my favourite part of previous roles. However, that wasn’t the business objective…. My purpose as a recruiter was to fill vacancies and keep revenues high. The only good thing about this is that it was in my, and my candidate’s interest to secure the highest possible salary in negotiations and I was damn good at it. Unfortunately, developing people’s confidence and self worth, and helping them realise their true value? No, this was a happy byproduct of how I got my work done. Albeit, an incredible part of these roles, that so many recruiters and HR people  don’t even notice. 

I truly believe every single person deserves happiness and fulfilment in life. Yes, that includes you.  As your Career and Mindset coach, I make you the centre. 

It normally begins in a place where you no longer feel that the job is worth your time, money or stress. You have had enough and realise you want more responsibility, more pay, more purpose. Sometimes, you want something completely, utterly new.  Yet wanting something more from a place of negativity or frustration is a paradox that can hold you back…..

My Background…

The main chunk of my career was as a recruiter both in-house and agency side. Yet, the difference between someone being selected and not selected was actually often the intangible qualities in a person. It isn’t your skills, qualifications or experience, but your  confidence, presence, purpose and ability to own your story and showcase your potential that ultimately lands the offer.

I have spent a decade working in Recruitment, Human Resources, Account Management and Sales after achieving my Business and HR Degree. I have worked with some of the best household names and global conglomerates including industries such as law and accountancy firms, real estate, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, media and finance.

Alongside my professional experience for as long as I can remember I have been on an incredible spiritual journey of self development and growth. It stemmed from an early age reading of the Celestine Prophecy, a book about spirituality that stems from a manuscript found in Peru (where I was born) and teaches about the power of energy, meditation and purpose. Alongside my studies of psychology at school and my fascination with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Dr Joe Dispensa and Napoleon Hill I truly believe that it is possible to manifest and create a life and career of your own design. 

Now, it is my privilage to work with ambitious, motivated professionals as a Career and Mindset Coach with individuals from United Kingdom, USA, Australia and South Africa on this incredible journey of career progression and self discovery. 

What my client’s say….

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